EarthLite Calistoga Portable Masseuse Massage Table

EarthLite Calistoga Portable Masseuse Massage Table Review

EarthLite's Calistoga Portable Massage Table is Crafted from solid hard Maple, the Calistoga lets you offer facials, massage, and other spa treatments “on the go”. Folds away for portability and easy storage.


Weight: 45-48 lbs.

Widths: 27"

Length: 61” (77.5”*)

Height Range: 23” - 33”

Static Weight: 2000 lbs.

Max. Working Weight: 500 lbs.

EarthLite Calistoga Portable Masseuse Massage Table

Specifications and Full Review

The Earthlite 's Calistoga Portable gives you the flexibility and versatility to provide your client's the desired comfort of a spa while treating.

It is a perfect massage table for massages, manicures, waxings, facials, or medi-spa treatments.

How Portable Is It?

Earthlite 's Calistoga Portable Salon Table is Crafted from solid hard Maple, the Calistoga lets you offer facials, massage, and other spa treatments “on the go”.

Folds away for portability and easy storageEarthlite 's Calistoga Tables Provide a host of spa treatment options anywhere.

It can be Folded compactly for easy transport and storage.

How Good is its material?

Calistoga massage tables are designed to fit various body types and heights and offer soft plush foam padding to ensure the comfort of your client.

alistoga table is extremely sturdy, It does not wobble or make any creaking noise.

It is durable and designed by hand-crafted with only the finest earth-friendly materials.

How Convinient Is It?

Earthlite 's Calistoga Tables Hard Maple construction for exceptional strength and a lifetime of use.

Earthlite 's Calistoga package includes comfortable armrests, an extended foot section salon pillow, and a neck roll.

The massage table also has a manually adjustable back and leg sections for perfect client comfort and it gives perfect back and leg positioning which makes it best massage table in the market.

What unique features does it have?

It is a versatile massage table which is also a good alternative to traditional massage chairs and a great option for those who have a lot of back pain.

Calistoga Portable table is available in a variety of colors like White, Vanilla Cream, Mystic blue, teal, sterling, black and more.

This table features a full-length piano hinge for Strength and 3-Layer Cushioning System that will offer your client the ultimate comfort your client needs during the massage.

And the best and most unique feature that makes it the most preferable massage table by professionals is that it has multiple sections that can be adjusted and can be converted from a table to a reclining chair.

Warranty Details?

Foam, upholstery, and platforms are warranted for three 3 years from the original purchase date. It does not cover damage caused by any misuse, accidents, or neglect, which includes tears in the upholstery and damage caused by improper cleaning.


  1. 1
    Versatile– This is the most versatile massage table you could found.
  2. 2
    Extremely Sturdy - It is very strong and sturdy, There is no complain in its build quality
  3. 3
    Padding - The padding is also thicker than the cheap models, making it super comfortable.


  1. 1
    High Price – The only disadvantage of this amazing table is that it is very expensive.

Bottom Line

Here is the winner of Best Massage table for professionals, If you want a portable massage table which is also very adjustable then this one is for you.

If high price is not an issue for you and you want the best massage table without any huss-fuss then there is no need to waste your time further on searching for another alternative when you have already found the best.

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