Earthlite Harmony DX

Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Review

The Harmony Dx is crafted from high-quality hard Maple from managed forests and finished with earth-friendly, water-based lacquer and glues.

The Harmony DX is an eco-friendly yet economically priced full-size table. Its economical price attracts many buyers but make sure you know about the disadvantages you will be buying with this table.


Weight: 34 lbs

Width: 30” 

Length: 73”

Height Range: 23” - 33” 

Static Weight: 2400

Max. Working Weight: 600

Earthlite Harmony DX

Specifications and Full Review

Earthlight harmony DX is a full-sized portable table great for beginners and professionals as well, it's one of the most comfortable tables on the market offering 2.5 inches of dual-layer cushioning and is covered with natural soft fabric which is soft to the touch yet durable. Though the material and the accessories are not up to the mark but still it is very popular massage table.

How Portable Is It?

It's very sturdy weighing in at 38 pounds and it's made to hold up 600 pounds, it also has a 1,000-pound cabling system for extra support.
In order to transport it, a table cart is recommended.

How Good is its material?

It has a comfortable poly gel-cushioned face cradle and an adjustable height range which gives comfort to the client.

It has a standard end plate as opposed to a Reiki endplate but many Reiki practitioners still use it.

In fact, Some people like this table so much that they name it as one of the best earthlite massage table for Reiki. But we did not consider it in or list of best portable massage tables because it does not justify it's price.

It sets up quickly, folds up easily and includes a heavy-duty nylon case to carry it.

How Convinient Is It?

This massage table package includes a deluxe headrest which is adjustable with a proprietary cloud fill poly gel blend face cradle cushion for a perfect position and comfort of the client.

This massage table is Luxurious, durable, and eco-friendly. Nature's Touch upholstery available in four colors (Blue, Burgundy, Black, and Teal).

What unique features does it have?

This Harmony Dx table is claimed to designed for years of professional use and It also features non-slip stable feet sure-grip knobs which gives comfort to client.

Moreover, Full-length piano hinge for strength and attractive dual maple outlets and Harma heavy-duty single pocket carry case. But the Carry case is also not up to the mark.

Warranty Details?

It also has the same warranty as any other Earthlite's massage table. i.e 3-year warranty on the foam and upholstery.

Foam, upholstery, and platforms are are covered under warranty for 3 years from the date of purchase.
And the warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, or neglect, which includes tears in the upholstery and damage caused by improper cleaning.


  1. 1
    Comfortable – The padding is very comfortable and soft.
  2. 2
    Easy to fold- Harmony DX is easy to fold.
  3. 3
     Stable and Sturdy- It's very sturdy. It does not wobble or make any creaking noise.


  1. 1
    Headrest Fitting Poor – The headrest is not a snug fit into the table. It is always loose.
  2. 2
    Carry bag – The carry bag that comes with this massage table is of very low quality.
  3. 3
    Heavy – It is heavy and needs a carrier with wheels. 

Bottom Line

So, Harmony DX portable massage table is one of the most selling massage tables out there.

While some people seem really happy after buying it, these are those people who don't use it very often or either are beginners or baught it for personal use.

For Professional use we do not recommend it in our list of Best massage tables for professionals because for us Best means Best.

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