Healthline 3 section massage table

HealthLine Stationary Massage Bed

This HealthLine stationary massage bed is the top-notch adjustable massage bed which can be used for everything you can expect from a massage bed.

It is mostly loved by the estheticians and professional spas which perform additional spa treatments than only the massage and Professionals who do not compromise with the quality of their equipment and comfort of their clients.


Weight: 120 lbs.

Widths: 28”

Length: 75” (without headrest)

Height Range: 26” to 33”

Max. Working Weight: 500 lbs.

Healthline 3 section massage table

Specifications and Full Review

This HealthLine’s adjustable stationary massage bed has three sections so that you can position your client in any desired position for any treatment like facials and microblading.

It can easily be installed and adjusted whenever you want, moreover the material used in this bed is very easy to clean. So, now you need not to worry if you are buying the white color option.

How Portable Is It?

The dimensions of this stationary bed are as follows: It is 28 inches wider and its length is 75 inches when measured without the headrest.

The height can be adjusted from 26 inches to 33 inches with 1.25 inches of increment on every level and there are 6 adjustment levels available.

The Armrest can also be adjusted, it can be adjusted in two different heights by locking into different holes in the central section.

Backrest has adjustments of 0 degree to 40 degree that makes your table very much comfortable for the patient/client.

It also has leg rest, which is the lower section of this massage bed, the lower two sections have 7 different adjustments levels.

The face cradle is also adjustable and removable, so almost everything in this massage bed is adjustable. This makes it the best adjustable stationary massage bed.

How Good is its material?

It is made with high quality PU Vinyl which is Oil and waterproof as well.
The foam used in it is very high density and is 6mm (2.5”) thicker which provides maximum comfort.

The frame is made with Top quality hardwood which is meant to have more strength, stability and load ability.

How Convinient Is It?

This massage bed is easy to assemble and not so heavy.

Moreover, it is so adjustable that you do not need to disassemble and assemble it every time you want to adjust something.

The head cradle can be rotated 90 degrees in both upper and lower direction, just find your desired direction and lock it to that position.

What unique features does it have?

Though, this one is a stationary massage bed but still it has adjustable legs that can be adjusted to almost every desired height.

Moreover, the most unique and the best thing in this adjustable massage table is that it has three adjustable sections and all can be adjusted accordingly.


  1. 1
    3 Sections- It has 3 sections and all are adjustable and can be tilted.
  2. 2
    Multipurpose- Although, it is mostly loved by estheticians but can be used for all the spa services.
  3. 3
    Material and Quality- The material used is very good quality and easily cleanable.


  1. 1
    Price- The price is on the higher side.
  2. 2
    Squeaks- It is squeaky and makes weird noise.

Bottom Line

For the best stationary massage bed, this is the best choice that we recommend you to buy right now.

If you want a stationary table that can be adjusted in almost any shape then this is the massage bed you would be looking for.

The material is easily cleanable and the build quality is decent but it has a problem that it squeaks and makes weird sounds.

So, we recommend it to you only if you use it for facials, not for massage spas.

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