Best thermal massage table alternative

Master Massage Del Ray Portable massage table

Master Massage DEL RAY Portable Massage Table is ideal for busy professionals and high quality-minded consumers.

It is very refined for heavy everyday use.Moreorver, Master Massage DEL RAY is an adjustable massage bed that can be used for everything you can expect from a massage bed.


Width: 30" 

Length: 72”

Height: 24" - 34" (adjustable)

Weight: 35 lbs. (table only)

Support Weight: 1,500 lbs.

Best thermal massage table alternative

Specifications and Full Review

Master Massage's Del Ray Pro table is on of the best massage tables with thermal tendancy for many reasons.

One of the best reasons is that this table comes with a 3" thick layer of Multi-Layer Small Cell foam and its big top bed design which provides maximum comfort to the client.

This best portable massage table from Master Massage is extremely strong portable and attractive it is made of hardwood maple.

The Master Del ray package includes an innovative ErgonomicDream face cradle, Contoured armrest shelf, Ergonomic Dream face pillow, and two-pocket carrying case.

How Adjustable Is It?

It is 30 inches wide and 84 inches long with an adjustable height of 24 to 34 inches.

The table is supported by an auto-lock leg system with a dual-plane hinge.

This easy-to-adjust portable massage table also offers several functions that allow quick, simple, and individual comfort.

It's Auto-Lock Leg System easily sets up strong in seconds.

How Good is its material?

Master massage is one of the best massage table brands which provides comfort with the upholstery of PU leather that is CFC free as well as oil and water-resistant.

Furthermore, it is cushioned with 3-inch thick multi-layer small-cell foam which is specialized to be denser than the standard foam.

The padding is made of PU oil and water, the upper corners are rounded to prevent injuries and the memory foam is made of high-quality polyurethane material (PU) with high insulation, with these high-quality materials you would be assured for your client's comfort.

How Convinient Is It?

This table is very sturdy as it is able to accommodate up to 750 pounds since it includes aircraft-grade steel support cables great option when dealing with larger clients.

Therma portable massage table delivers the immense value it offers the ultimate in comfort as it uses 3 layers in its cushioning, rather than the common one layered massage tables.

The top layer is made of memory foam for supreme comfort the middle offers soft support as it conforms to the body.

The bottom layer is firm and prevents from feeling the hard frame and it comes with a patented thermal table to provide therapeutic heat for a more pleasing experience.

This thermal massage table features a six-way adjustable face cradle and contoured armrests shelf.

Memory foam face pillow to reduce the pressure points.

The Master Massage Del Ray relaxes the shoulder area more than standard massage tables, giving clients an even better therapeutic experience.

It also provides a 2 pocket carrying case.

What unique features does it have?

The unique features that this portable massage table by Master massage is that its material is highly insulable and the contoured armrest is also unique.

Its thermal technology is also very good, overall it is one of the most confortable massage tables right now.

Warranty Details?

Foam, upholstery comes with a warrantee of three to five(3~5) years from the original date of purchase.

Face cradle platforms have warrantee of three (3) years from the original date of purchase.


  1. 1
    Cushioning system: – The Cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam gives extra comfort to the client.
  2. 2
    Easy to adjust - This portable massage table also offers several functions that allow quick, simple, and individual comfort.
  3. 3
    Adjustable Legs- Numbered Leg Adjustment Holes for accurate height adjustment.
  4. 4
    HQ carrying case- The carrying case is pretty much of great quality.


  1. 1
    No Reiki endplate – Reiki endplates not included
  2. 2
    Heavy – Heavy and bulky
  3. 3
    No Tilt Option- This table is not a tilting table, therefore it can not be used for facials.

Bottom Line

Master Massage's Del Ray is made for the greater comfort and very well adjustable.

Carry case that comes with this table is also of great quality.

The main problem with this is that it is not very portable but heavy and reiki plate is also not included which is a matter of personal preference.

And it does not have any tilt option, so it can not be used for facial spas.

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