Pressure Points Massage – Benefits and Chart

Pressure point massages strive to release built-up tension and strain in the body and muscles. Popular massage chairs capture this style of massage and combine it with Shiatsu massage to offer a superb, thoroughly relaxing experience. From a medical perspective and massage technique standpoint, pressure point massages stem from the science of focusing upon main and collateral channels of the human body.

The traditional Chinese medical science states that the back of the human body is Yang of Yang, where Du impulse and Zhu Tai Yang bladder channels follow through. Du impulse supervises Yang of the body. Tai Yang channels manage the surface of the human body. Numerous acupuncture points are distributed along the two sides of the spine and at the back. Massaging the back can stimulate these pressure points, Du impulse, and Tai Yang channels, and inspires Yang Qi of the whole body. Pressure point massages’ function to balance Yin and Yang, supporting the health factors and removing the pathogenic factors, regulating Qi and blood, dredging the main and collateral channels of the body, and enhancing the functions of internal organs.

From the point of view of modern medicine, massaging the shoulder and back can dilate blood vessels of the body surface, remarkably improve blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of the human body, relax tired muscles, and greatly benefits the health of the body. Medical professors point out; there exists a special kind of cell under the skin of the human body. The cell is in dormancy state at ordinary times. When the back is kneaded or rubbed, this kind of cell is stimulated and gets active. It goes into the blood and develops into reticular cells, which can remarkably strengthen the immunity function of the human body and boost up the disease-resisting ability of the human body.

Back Pressure Points

Hand Pressure Points

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