Shiatsu massage benefits

Shiatsu Massage Benefits and How it Works?

Over the years, shiatsu massage has become popular as effective and beneficial massage therapy. Having its origins in the Chinese art of acupuncture, in a shiatsu massage pressure is applied to the trigger points by using either the finger or the thumb. This kind of massage is widely used owing to its numerous benefits both for the body and mind. In particular, the shiatsu back massage relieves back pain, relaxes muscles, eases shoulder strain, and improves flexibility.

How does a Shiatsu massage chair work?

Perhaps, the first shiatsu massage chair was made in Japan. In fact, shiatsu was probably the first massage therapy that was successfully available as a massage chair. A shiatsu massage therapist essentially massages the trigger points located in the body so as regulate the energy flow; this in turn results in relaxation and rejuvenation. Similarly, a shiatsu massage chair has components that are able to apply pressure on the trigger points of the body, stimulating the muscles and reducing soreness.

A shiatsu massage involves different kinds of techniques to apply pressure to the trigger points; this allows the pressure level and type to be changed depending on the individual’s needs. A shiatsu massage chair is installed with the software in which one can feed in requirements. The components that are installed in the shiatsu back massage cushion then apply pressure based on the information provided.

For whom is the shiatsu massage chair?

Shiatsu massage chairs are ideal for those who work long hours and suffer from increased anxiety and stress. The massage action of the chair smoothens out all knots in the muscles, reducing pain and alleviating tension. In fact, with today’s technological advancements, most back massage chairs are crafted such that the thumbs and fingers on the chair can provide excellent coverage and feel very similar to human touch.

Is it helpful in Back Pain?

The most significant benefit of a shiatsu massage chair is that it helps to alleviate back pain, apart from relaxing and refreshing the mind and body. Sitting back in the chair and allowing the robotic thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the key points on your back is the perfect way to relieve strain and reduce stress. Moreover, since the massage chairs can be programmed to suit your needs, you can manipulate the pressure as well as the kind of action that is performed. Shiatsu back massage chairs have become widely popular for treating back pain and back-related problems owing to their superior quality and versatility.

Pressure Points chart explained

Left Hand
1 Meridian governing small intestine 2 Meridian governing kidney
3 Meridian governing bladder 4 Meridian governing heart, vigor, strength
5 Ear 6 Meridian governing pericardium
7 Meridian governing heart 8 Nerve
9 Center 10 Sinus
11 Meridian governing liver 12 Meridian governing large intestine
13 Shoulder 14 Heart
15 Buttocks 16 Testis
17 Ovaries 18 Ear
19 Thymus 20 Pancreas
21 Eye 22 Adrenal Gland
23 Kidney 24 Bladder
25 Piles 26 The lower part of the waist
27 Eye 28 Temporal plexus
29 Spleen 30 Colon
31 Intestine 32 Thyroid gland
33 Pineal gland 34 Throat
35 Neck 36 Spinal column
37 Hypophysis 38 Meridian governing spleen
39 Jaw 40 Nervous system
41 Head 42 Prostate
43 Uterus 44 Penis

Shiatsu left hand Pressure point

Right Hand
1 Sinus 2 Meridian governing liver
3 Meridian governing heart 4 Meridian governing heart, vigor, strength
5 Meridian governing kidney 6 Meridian governing large intestine
7 Nerve 8 Ear
9 Meridian governing small intestine 10 Meridian governing bladder
11 Mingmen 12 Center
13 Meridian governing pericardium 14 Hypophysis
15 Pineal gland 16 Throat
17 Head 18 Meridian governing spleen
19 Nervous system 20 Neck
21 Spinal column 22 Prostate
23 Uterus 24 Penis
25 Thyroid gland 26 Eye
27 Eye 28 Ear
29 Thymus 30 Adrenal gland
31 Kidney 32 Pancreas
33 Lung 34 Shoulder
35 Liver 36 Appendix
37 Colon 38 Intestine
39 Bladder 40 Piles
41 The lower part 42 Buttocks
43 Testis 44 Ovaries
45 emporal plexus Right hand pressure points

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